Web Design

Designing for the web is different than designing for any other medium. The breadth of skills required is sometimes daunting. The depth of experience required, seemingly unobtainable. Yet, the medium attracts designers from all spheres of design practice: from engineering and architecture, to product and graphic design. Graphic Design provide a snapshot of the current state of the medium, and our role as practitioners working within it.I regularly receive emails from students and budding designers asking for my opinions and advice on how they can get started in this industry.

Web Development

Building a creative, beautiful and innovative web design! Millions upon millions of websites clutter the internet, so how will you stand out from your competition? Having a great products help, but with so many options out there, you have very little time to convince someone to stay on your site long enough to get to know you. This is where our design expertise comes in to help you. With a professional looking website, your clients will perceive you as being a real, trustworthy company.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing - It's no use to have a excellent website, if nobody is visiting it. We'll work with you to tailor your company's website's design and content - to maximize your Google ranking potential, and with it, its exposure and online impact.

Domain & Hosting

Did you know that anytime you register a domain name your personal information - your name, email address, phone number - is all published online? No we're not joking! We include free Domain Privacy Protection for all domains registered at JIF Technologies so your personal information is hidden from public view.